Have you been out of the dating scene for too long?

Have you considered finding the love of your life abroad?

Are you fed up with swiping, ineffective dates, and gold diggers?

UA Choice Matchmaking is a service that connects Foreign men with Eastern European women worldwide. Our clients have been personally selected, screened for credibility, and interviewed by our local ambassadors and us. They all are English-speaking, beautiful, successful individuals looking for serious relationships.

Executive Matchmaking for Exceptional Singles

UA Choice is the world’s authentic matchmaking agency with over 13 years of unprecedented success. We believe that love exists in all places; you have to look for it…and that’s what we’ll do for you.

Our aim is simple – to unite accomplished Men and Women in their Quest for Love!

Everyone has a life wish list. Health, success, and happiness are usually the top three. The third request can’t always be accomplished independently. Sometimes it requires another to feel truly happy. That’s where UA Choice comes in. As one of the Ukrainian leaders of matching people, we listen to your wishes and make them a reality.

Our team understands that people’s professional lives often must take priority over their personal lives. We maximize your precious free time by introducing you to people with whom you have a real potential to connect. Our relationship consultants are all specially skilled at carefully and intuitively pairing you with people based on genuine compatibility and core values.

We meet with all our members personally and perform thorough screenings. The tough questions are asked upfront, so you don’t have to worry about how and when to bring up personal subjects such as: What is the longest relationship they’ve had? Do they want to have kids, or do they have them already? Are they financially stable? What are their beliefs, religious and political? Are they in good health? Etc?
This information automatically allows couples to be more honest, open, and comfortable with each other in the first meeting. Confidence is sexy and essential in making an excellent first impression. But you can only be truly confident if you know what to expect.

Every day we receive stories from uachoice.com couples who are happily in love, getting engaged, getting married, and sharing photos of beautiful babies and international families. To hear these stories and see these pictures is to feel the love we put into every introduction.
With our relationship goal guarantee, we will continue working with you till you find the right match.

My name is Aleksandra Pavlova. 

I match, guide and support people in the dating process for over thirteen years. I believe that Life is all about the right Introductions and decisions.

Time is precious… in the quest of finding the right partner who supports you in business and private life, you can hire professionals these days. They have a broad network and can reach out to the best individuals that match your standards.  This way your time will be perfectly invested and not wasted.

There are thousands of FREE DATING apps with lots of gorgeous Singles. Some of them are not real, some actually look completely different than their photos and of course along the way you might also be targeted by so-called gold-diggers and/ or crypto traders that are out for your money.  While going thru this process you also will need to put a lot of effort into finding someone that meets your requirements and has the same views and goals in life.

There is a big chance you will not spot that rare diamond in the finding process.  

People and experience shape us. 

With UA Choice you will benefit in every way —  meet exclusive and properly selected women, get their detailed feedback and an honest dating experience.

Aleksandra Pavlova


Here are 9 reasons to work with UA Choice Matchmaking:

When you are an extremely demanding successful individual it is so hard to trust somebody with the precious secrets of your dating life.

We are your guides to the kingdom of the right women. In dating, we all have a group of potentially right people. And only matchmakers have that particular % of the screened women who will be interested in meeting you.
We will provide you with her real feedback and upgrade the communication already after the first call.
All your dates will actually look like their pictures.
You’ll meet people outside of your normal social circle.
It’s discrete and confidential.
Every date is designed for success so you can fulfill your life only with positive energy and good vibes.
All your dates are beautiful, intelligent, and safe.
We challenge you to push go outside of your comfort zone.

Working with a professional dating coach helps you become a better partner. Coaches help you attract a quality partner, break free from bad dating habits, and so much more.

Who can prove our professionalism more than our dear clients?