Mission & Vision

Welcome to the UA Choice Matchmaking – your high-class dating resource!

The International Project UA Choice is aimed at:

✓ creation and support to international couples,

✓ building a culture of relations between East-European women and foreign men;

✓ providing  comprehensive assistance in building and further developing strong, long-term relationships;

✓ the strengthening of family values and the preservation of the International families’ institute.


The range of our matchmaking services is based on serious, long-term International experience in the field of family psychology, sexology, and coaching. It includes an innovative integrated approach to the creation of International couples,  the regular control aimed at the quality of services we provide, a personal approach, and also strict adherence to the high standards of matchmaking service.

Over 8 years of successful work our team has provided various services to more than 500 clients from different sectors of the population, who live in different parts of the world, and has held thousands of dates.

A full range of UAchoice.com services is strictly confidential and covers the whole life cycle of a relationship from the first date, coaching of the couple to the creation of a strong marriage.

Our mission

UA Choice Matchmaking is NOT a Dating Service. We are proud to provide the most exclusive singles-orientated matchmaking services for establishing long-term, serious relationships. With the highest level of professionalism in a method that was uniquely designed and has been proving…

itself throughout the years of practice our team is obliged to:

— provide each individual client with the genuine attention, understanding, and assistance they require to achieve their personal and social goals

— provide each individual client with the finest personal service with exclusive, filtered, and qualified potential best-matches

— provide experiences that enliven the senses, and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of their clients.

Our vision

We can compare serious relationships with the picture that consists of small multicolored pieces of the puzzle. Often and often the world is that the successful grown-ups don’t have strength, desire and they are not able to devote time to details with that it all starts.

Just imagine – the date where you can speak easily and relax, you are understood, you are self-confident because the professional matchmakers have taken care of your ideal first date and great pleasure from communication. You don’t have to worry whether you choose the right restaurant, flowers or suitable clothes. All you have to do is to enjoy your choice, flirt, and be charming to set the right direction for a serious relationship.

If you need our advice as for your appearance, dating ceremony, choosing the unusual place and unique present for your choice or another aspect of the date – we can help you with great pleasure!

Benefits of the UA Choice Matchmaking Agency

The range of our services is based on three main elements: years of experience, individual approach, and working in a team of professionals. We adhere to a scrupulous and thoughtful process that is first of all based on good knowledge about you and those qualities that you are looking for in your future partner. Professional advice, recommendations, help, and support of a team of psychologists, matchmakers are part of our service, as well as our main advantage.


Choosing a partner for You we pay great attention to your qualities of character and your Outlook that will complement your personal values and your individual lifestyle.
We help you to understand your true needs, guide You and offer our recommendations. Years of personal practice and the experience of our foreign colleagues have shown that this style of work can give the result we wish!


News and gossip spread as fast as fire in the wood. Why do you put your photos online and be the object of ridicule from friends, colleagues, and relatives? Going to UA Choice, you will not have unpleasant surprises, because your privacy is our priority.


One of the most common complaints about Online Dating is that people misrepresent themselves providing the old, bad pictures worked in Photoshop, and their social networks full of photos and statuses with the present relationship. All our clients go through a special check that identifies you as a person, your age, and the real status of the relationship.
We aim at quality rather than quantity, we meet our clients personally to evaluate their individuality, attractiveness and to hear the info that can be very important for you. Our staff should be sure that you will meet the person with the qualities which she really has.


UA Choice is the professionally selectively and carefully organized matchmaking process using modern technologies in the field of psychology, family, and sex. We are in continuous feedback with our clients; we believe that the efficiency of our work measures with the quality of creating the new match, not the number of organized dates.

Your success is our success that’s why we’ll do our best to be sure that you’ll find and save the love of your life!