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Let's find your love wherever she is!

Like you, I understand how challenging and frustrating finding love can be. I also was faced with the thorny problem of searching for a sincere, strong-minded, and reliable match. I tried blind dates, nightclubs, international dating sites. I spent hours swiping, reading profiles, emailing, and talking on the phone about potential dates. It was exhausting. Some of the men I met lied about their ages, used old photos, had mental illnesses, or didn’t want serious relationships. I was devoting a lot of time and energy to putting myself out there but felt like I was desperate. Sometime later I finally met him…, and it was not fate but the personal intuitive introduction of my close friend, who truly believed my ex-husband and I had all chances to build healthy and successful relationships. Despite we both were too young our marriage lasted a long twelve years, we are still friends, and even being divorced we show our son an example of supporting and warm-hearted relationships.

I used to work as a matchmaker of UA Choice Matchmaking Agency for more than thirteen years. Together with my team, we help busy, successful, single men and women to find a committed, loving long-term international relationship while providing comprehensive assistance in its further developing.

Thoroughly researched methods and well-honed personal intuition allow me to approach my work as both an art and science, and I consistently help even my most high-achieving clients find lasting and deeply intimate connections that bring a sense of peace, balance, and acceptance to their lives in a way that few have known before.

I have the experience, the knowledge, the reputation, lots of contacts all over the world, and the resources…

If you are truly serious about finding the love of your life, take the first step and contact us today.

Aleksandra Pavlova

Founder & President in UA Choice