If you’re tired of swiping or being swiped and seeking to find love, our professional help might be your chance. Accomplices in Love is all about finding a true authentic partner for one of our committed clients.

Due to the complete privacy of our clients we have no right to publish their photos and videos online.

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Our Process: 6 easy steps!

You will feel very comfortable and confident with the process because we take the role of a friend introducing you to someone we know and TRUST who will be COMPATIBLE with you. In the end, meeting someone face-to-face is the only way to see if sparks fly. It’s that easy, but first, read carefully the steps you need to do.


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While processing your personal information, you will get an invoice for an interview pre-pay of 50€, so we know your decision to join as a client is serious, and you will not just lose our time.


We get to know you

Tell us your story. We want to know your dating history and what you’re looking for in a potential partner. This is also the opportunity for you to learn more details about the UA Choice dating process.


Review Your Match

We are genuinely international:  UA Choice Matchmaking has no borders nor boundaries, not geographically nor otherwise. We can find you a lady of any nationality in any part of the world.

Matchmaker will carefully present selected profiles one by one. You are always in control, and the approval of any potential match is necessary.
Once both parties agree to the introduction, we pass you the contact details of the lady or set up your online or off-line date, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy.


Provide Feedback

We follow up with both parties after each date and provide you with constructive feedback, coaching and professional advice.
With every occasion, we learn more details and insights, and through two-way communication, we will fine-tune your next match to be even more precise in the future and to get you the proper match! That’s why the more feedback we receive from you, the better we get at selecting the next date for them.
Almost 80 % of our first dates turn into second ones!


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We love hearing how happy you are with your matchmaking experience!

Every review or feedback on Google or Facebook is appreciated and will be helpful to us and other Singles to take a step ahead.

Our goal is not just to introduce You to the next girl. It is about introducing You to the first kiss with the last girl You take!


A professional matchmaker is an expert in romantic compatibility, highly trained to bring an exciting relationship directly to you. The professional matchmaker’s goal is to find you a passionate, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, delivering the love you’ve been looking for all your life.

At UA choice, our professional matchmakers do this by getting to know you on a deeper, personal level. We guide you to those “a-ha” moments that help you understand what went wrong in past relationships, the (perhaps subconscious) roles you’ve played in your past romantic journeys, what you’re looking for in a new relationship and why. Then we develop a customized plan based on our collaborations with you, and set up face-to-face meetings with individuals who are perfectly suited to you.

At UA choice, we focus on exclusive clients that are looking for high-quality matches, generally between the ages of 22 and 65. We find the rare and seemingly elusive singles that everyone dreams of meeting: educated, intelligent, dynamic, kind, attractive, creative, and most of all, personally interested in you. Exceptional personal service is our goal.

Did you know that approximately 50% of the people that do Internet dating are married or are in committed relationships? After spending hours on line you will find out that most of the people you meet online often do not turn out to be as they portrayed themselves – they post photos of themselves taken 10 years ago or often not even their own pictures, etc. While dating online, you will have to take risks on yourself and to verify if the information presented online is accurate or take chances to meet total strangers. Research shows that less than 1% of online singles ever make a love connection. Online dating can be very time-consuming. Our service is stress-free, financially beneficial and efficient.

We introduce you to only carefully selected, commitment oriented and like-minded matches with social, economic, cultural backgrounds and goals similar to yours. We are applying a unique and custom-tailored approach to identify, filter and qualify potential matches. UA Choice services are absolutely confidential, discreet and discerning. It addresses personal safety and conducts background checks and in-depth pre-screening interviews on all clients, and the introductions they receive, to verify accuracy of information provided. All clients and their possible matches are interviewed by the same person to exclude a ‘broken link’ in the communication, so their needs and wishes are understood and satisfied. UA choice work style provides its clients a comfortable, non-intimidating, and non-competitive atmosphere. Our introductions are made prior by mutual approval and all matches answer the client’s personal criteria and preferences.

Utilizing a matchmaker is a personal investment. Prices for personal coaching and matchmaking vary depending on your needs, budget and package that you choose. We offer our clients several packages of services and also the variety of additional services (you can read more about these in the Additional Service section). In your initial conversation with someone from our team you will exactly determine what would be the best program for you, suits your choice and personal requirements in general. Or You may call to our office to learn about the advantages and cost of each of our matchmaking packages as well as the cost of our additional services.

– You are concerned about privacy and don’t want to post your photo online.

– You are too busy with your career to spend time searching for dates.

– You are a busy single parent and want to spend your free time focusing on your children.

– Most of your friends are married and you don’t know many single people.

– You keep choosing the wrong type of person to date and could use some help to make a better choice.

Many successful individuals find they have everything they could wish for in life, except for what matters most: the love of an extraordinary partner. Successful people like you work with countless industry experts in other aspects of your life: be it a personal trainer, financial advisor, or a lawyer. UA choice believes that just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you have to compromise who you are looking for. UA choice honors your preferences and doesn’t judge them. We don’t consider it “picky” to have preferences about age, religion, ethnicity, education, physical appearance, lifestyle, values, personality type, or whatever may be important to you. So we will be happy to help you with your individual preferances to improve your social life and find love you deserve.

— We are not a Dating Agency. We do not offer you a number game. You are only introduced to people who meet carefully selected, qualified, pre-screened high-caliber matched with similar goals, beliefs, ambitions, life style, personal requirement and taste.

— We do not match our clients to only within our database; we also search outside of our database. We are looking for your match everywhere. In our exclusive search we invest money, time and great desire to fit the mission, which was lay upon us. We add new additions to our exclusive database daily.

— We will learn more about your family and past partners. We will help you evaluate your past relationships, identify your particular patterns and help you to move forward to your dream.

— We will learn more about you, your lifestyle, personality, character, your expectations and defining your criteria so we could conduct the personalized search, addressing your specific, individual preferences and various compatibility requirements.

— We will inspire you and all of your senses to enjoy a new happier life.

— We will help you set personal relationship goals for a more rewarding future by creating a Love Development Plan.

We do not believe that a person has little or no chances to find the perfect match. The lack of choices and limited exposure to people of your caliber and qualities is usually what prevents people to find what they want. As long as your expectations are reasonable, we can put all our energy to hunt for you best match, even if we have to go outside out database. We are here for you not to limit your expectations, but to help you to reach your goals. The longer you wait, quite frankly, the harder it gets. Active approach will bring you closer to your dream, as apposed to being passive and waiting until the future will knock on your door.

We live in a service-oriented world. We hire a Real Estate Broker to buy a home… a Travel Agent to book a trip… an Employment Agency to find a new job… a Lawyer to protect and represent our interest… a Financial Advisor to make smart investments for us… Finding love is one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. Buying the wrong house can be easily fixed. You just sell it. However, it’s not easy to put yourself back on the market and search for a new love. Break-ups and divorces not only affect our emotional happiness but make a deep impact on our social and business life as well. So, why let the most important decisions of your life be left to pure chance? Do the right step! Hire UAchoice.com matchmaking agency to help you effortlessly make the right choice and find the partner you desire and deserve.

Finding lasting love connection is sensitive and time consuming. You may feel you do not need to use such services. Or believe you actually have a chance to meet that special person on your own. We are not saying you cannot – just that chances are very small. The higher your standards – the lower your chances. Most attractive and successful people have no problem meeting other people. On the contrary, they attract too many people – making it more difficult to recognize the SPECIAL one.

How do you meet new people in your life? Through friends?… At parties?… In a bar?… At your sports club?… On a blind date?… or possibly on-line? All of these approaches can be entertaining for a while, but in a long run, they are all a waste of time. With our fast-paced lifestyles and living in an era of high technology and booming internet services, more people are finding traditional matchmakers to be an easier and more convenient way to find the love of their life

– If we believe we are unable to find the perfect match for a potential client or believe their expectations are unrealistic – we will not accept them as a client.

– We make sure that when we take on clients, we are able to provide them with the type of people that they are interested in meeting. We do not discriminate based on age, ancestry, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

– We invest time and money in our exclusive search.

– We search for high-caliber women and men in places where this particular type of person usually frequents.

– We are involved with organizations and events of the South region of Ukraine that appeal to a more sophisticated crowd.

– We attend the latest cultural events, women’ training centers, galas, openings, upscale clubs, and restaurants.

– We also search for exquisite women and high caliber men through our personal network of connections, publications in media and the web, advertising campaigns in sport and social clubs, spas, private parties, the most prestigious and exclusive fundraising events.

– We constantly employ the use of our network connections with multiple businesses and social organizations and groups. We include newly qualified prospects to our exclusive database daily.

– We will only introduce you to carefully selected and high-caliber matches who meet your personal requirements and taste.

– We do not work with legally married people.

Our commitment to finding your perfect match is based on lifestyle, life goals, personal values and psychological compatibility.

We believe the relationship is all about how two romantic partners act in life’s prickly situations. It’s their ability to create a good “fit”, even when their connection doesn’t seem seamless, smooth and natural. We encourage our clients to focus less on physical criteria but on common interests, potential romantic partner’s “relationship skills” or “emotional intelligence.”

You probably asked yourself many times why you choose the same type of the partner over and over again, why partners change so much after having sex, why are you attracting to the opposites, will the relationships get better or worse after the marriage, why chemistry doesn’t always mean love? Some people feel they can no longer trust their intuition or their own judgment regarding choice of a romantic partner.

We will help you to find answers to all this questions, to understand yourself and to analyze your needs and desires. We carefullyevaluate your family background and history of your past relationships to recognize your past patterns of behavior. We assess you core personality characteristics and discuss you values and goals to clarify your important emotional and interpersonal needs and desires in order to find you a person who will be your true match. We learn about your physical appeal and other private personal preferences to define what will be that unique receipt for chemistry that leads to strong lasting relationship.

The method and details of payment are specified in the agreement that we sign before starting our work. You can make an international bank-to-bank transfer to UAchoice.com account so that will secure your personal information.

The first date is where the fun really begins,so we sincerely recommend you to start your first contact with ladies of your choice by personal meeting. Your personal matchmaker will help you with wonderful first date where you can make great first impression and enjoy fully during your date. But if you really want to start your first contact with the ladies by using personal email or you want us to organize Skype conference for you, of course we will provide you with this. Please keep in mind that the first impression is the most important, so be aware that you may not have a chance to make the first impression twice.

We don’t exchange personal contact details before the personal meeting, because privacy is the foundation of our service. All personal information is kept in strict confidence and is for UAchoice.com internal use only.

Privacy is the foundation of our service. Our clients and affiliates lead busy professional and sometimes public lives. We place a premium on privacy and guarantee that personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search. Rest assured, all of your information is 100% offline and confidential. Only Uachoice.com employees have access to your information and your consent is needed before sharing information with a potential match. We fully respect that some clients and affiliates prefer to keep their use of a matchmaking firm discreet and confidential as such, we do not disclose personal information.

Yes we do. Your success is our priority, therefore we will happily advise you the help of our Stylist or dating etiquette coach upon request.

If you need any assistance in organizing your trip to Ukraine, please let us know about your detailed preferances and requests concerning this question. We will be glad to help you with any needs you may have such as booking tickets, hotel accommodation, apartments’ renting, transfer to or from the airport, tour guides, sightseeing, table at the restaurant, lawyer’s consultation etc.! We will make your trip as comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy staying in our beautiful country.

Our guides are an essential part of our team and you can hire him/her or ask our managers to add guide to your package of services. Our guides speak your language. If that is a rare one, an English speaking guide will be your local expert.

UAchoice.com matchmaking agency is not a dating site and we operate according to a strict code of ethics that protects privacy both men and women in every way. Personal information, photos, and questionnaire results will be kept fully confidential.

It says that you are serious about finding your life partner. It also says that you know you have to do something different in order to get a different result. We hire professionals in many areas of life where we don’t have expertise so why not in this most important area? You are busy with your life and career, and this is our career. We bring expertise and objectivity to the process of finding your ideal partner.

No! It is not necessary at all. To meet a nice serious and family-oriented girl from our matchmaking-agency you just need to have a desire to come here and meet the girl. Moreover there is a low-cost airline company operates in Ukraine and coming to Odessa from Europe is not so expansive at all. TO know any additional information, ask the questions, meet the girls from the agency in Odessa – there is no need to be a member – just write us an email, call us or skype and we will be happy to help!

If you come to Odessa the first time by yourself (not through the agency) – it is better to rent a hotel (even for one night to look around) in the city centre as it allows you to save your time and money for taxi and sometimes the amount of money you “tried to save” staying in the hotels at the edge of Odessa will be the same as if you rent the hotel *** in the city centre. It is better simply because you will feel safer here.
If it is not your first time we recommend you to rent an apartment in the city centre because everything is around in a walking approach (shops, cafes, restaurants, night clubs etc). The apartments in the city centre are safe, good quality, and reasonable price (some guys tells us that the minus of the apt – comparing it with the hotel – is that there is no breakfast but the price and location compensate it moreover you can have tasty breakfasts in different places every day; many restaurants have “breakfast menu” with a really good price).
We can offer good apartments 1-5 minutes walking from our office: we work directly with the owners for many years and can guarantee safety and good service.

Yes and individual transfer from Odessa airport  is what we would recommend instead of taking a taxi from Odessa airport. We offer transfer from Odessa Airport to your hotel or apartment  for a good price. If you decide to rent a car in Odessa, Ukraine see our next FAQ below.

Our agency would recommend you to rent the cars at Avis Ukraine website – representation of international car rental and leasing corporation. Here you can make online car reservation in more than 180 countries around the world, choosing cars that maximum correspond to your needs and aims. www.avis.com.ua

Also you can use HERTZ world’s biggest online car rental service  https://www.rentalcars.com/Home.do

Sure, we have a variety of apartments located in the city centre; our marriage agency work only with reliable owners here in Odessa. As for the hotels – there are many of them and if you tell us your preferences we will surely recommend you something.

Can I order delivery of the gift that is not listed?
Yes, we can deliver almost anything you want, we just need to know what you want to deliver and to which girl: we have general price-list for most popular gifts and flowers, the prices for these gifts do not vary considerably from city to city. But “non-standard” gifts (for example, English lessons, books, mobile phones, a day in a beauty salon and the like) can vary in price considerably. After your inquiry for the special order we will contact our representative and ask about the price.

Yes of course we can help with the interpreters if you need. In our marriage and dating agency there are English-, French-, Italian-, Spanish-, German-speaking interpreters in our staff with different experience (from 2 years experience of translating till 10 years of experience). It is desirably to contact us 24 hours before even though we work 24/7/365.

Yes, we work with the agencies in Lvov and Kherson and we have one more partner in Kiev.

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