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Are you ready to reignite your dating life?

Finding the love of your life is an investment, and you want to make sure you choose a quality service that works.

UA Choice Matchmaking is an authentic boutique established in 2008 and has invested years into building a higher-quality database of singles and honed its matchmaking skills.

choose your plan — choose your key

We do local, national, and international searches, as also searches by infrequent requirements.

Members start receiving introductions within the first weeks of joining. 

We prepare an extensive picture profile of our members, summarising their wishes, interests, personality and lifestyle.

The privilege that makes it all worth it – is the potential screen candidates and send you out on dates with high-quality matches.

13 years of experience in matching people confirmed that with our help, any professional willing to invest in finding a committed and serious relationship would succeed. 


2 Months of search

5 Introductions

2 Months hold time

You can put your membership on hold for up to 2 months (1-time)

— Online dating concierge & set-up;

— 2 relationship & date coaching sessions (45 min sessions);

— International and local search.

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6 Month search

10 Introductions

4 Months hold time

— 30 min first call with every date;

— Creating an exclusive dating profile;

— Personal styling advising;

— Professional photo session;

— Online dating concierge & set-up;

— 4 Monthly relationship & date coaching sessions (45 min sessions);

— Executive search worldwide.

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12 Month search

Unlimited dating globally

6 Months hold time

— 1 hour of a video call with every date;

— Online dating concierge & set-up;

— 8 Monthly relationship & date coaching sessions (45 min sessions);

— Creating an exclusive dating profile;

— Personal styling advising;

— Professional Photosession;

— Social Media imaging audit;

— Executive search worldwide;

— Reach your Matchmaker Anytime For Phone Calls and text messages.

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Only models

Multilingual ladies

4 video chats with matchmaker

This package is for irregular requests and will be fully customised to your needs, including international searches and more. 

If your dating taste is extraordinary and you want to date:

— Only models;

— Multilingual ladies;

— Ladies from a specific origin (Asian, Brazil etc.);

— Ladies with particular body measurements;

— If you are from the East or Jewish culture etc.

4 video chats with matchmaker 

Travelling to a lady and in-person interviewing can be added at the additional expense

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New to the Matchmaking?

Believe that trust is built over time through actions?

There is nothing more attractive than confidence, but if you are not sure whether our service will work for you or still have doubts —

Start from your first match and see how it goes

Payment Options

If you still don't know how the matchmaking process is organized please read here

Additional details

The membership is activated from the date the payment is processed. If you don’t use the membership more than hold time it is non-transferable, and not refundable. This policy exists because most of the Matchmakers’ work is done at the beginning of every client’s contract.  

We have male and female members all around the globe. We can complete your initial personal consultation on the phone or in person. In your consultation, we will go over what you are looking for in a mate and what type(s) of person you are attracted to.

UA Choice Matchmaking has over 1 000 people currently on file. It receives applications from new ladies and gentlemen daily due to our social media, news spots, magazine articles, print advertisements, and scouts who search locally in your area.

We have a very high success rate; nearly four out of five clients get into a relationship with our service.

References from male and female members are available on our Google/Facebook pages, and there are many more we are ready to send upon request.