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We do love a good story

Here is just a few of the letters and e-mails we’ve received as a result of our clients’ happy endings. Our satisfied couples kindly provided us with all photos



Carlos, Mexico City

“I am happy because i met Еkaterina. She says that she is willing to go to live with me. I like Her very much and we plan our trip to Mexico in May.  I Just have to attend some duties and i Will be back. So, i do not say good bye. I Just say so long. Thank you For everything. You are the best!”

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Ben and Inga

Ben and Inga, Malta

“I never had the intention of joining any of these dating agencies. Maybe it was the perception that only desperate singles join such agencies prevented me from signing up with any of them.

I got myself involved with UA choice through a Valentine’s Day Contest organized by them in 2013. As one of the lucky finalists, I had to undergo an interview with Ua choice. Through this interview, I learnt quite a bit more about the matchmaking process that UA choice uses. I was surprised that the matchmaking process is actually a software using a scientific approach and not a random matching or done manually. In addition, there are also opportunities for the client to review and fine tune their criteria after each date.

This convinced me to give UA choice a try and signed up as a member.

Filling up the details on my likes & dislikes was done smoothly with the guidance of a matchmaker. I must say that the matchmakers are very professional in their interaction with me. They are good listeners with a right level of empathy and are eager to share tips on how to improve our personality and personal life so that the client will have a better chance of hitting of with someone.

Inga was my first date that UA choice arranged. Looking through the profile brief that I received about her, I was pleasantly surprised that she matched close to about 70% of my criteria. One of the things that I liked about UA choice. Actually is that they arranged a comfortable and reasonable dinning place for you and making sure that it is quite discreet in order to avoid any embarrassment on your first date.

To cut the story short, both Inga and I hit off well and subsequently, we arranged for more dates by ourselves and soon our relationship developed. As of today, I am proud to announce that we are happily married to each other. Thanks to UA choice matchmaking!”

Ludmila, 29 y.o, Odessa

“Having moved from Odessa this past year, I was excited about my new job position, but a little unsettled about dating in Kiev. Being a young woman in a big city was overwhelming for me and I was frightened by the possible encounters of dating online. Instead, I decided to retain UA Choice team because I knew that the men would be prescreened before I met them and that their information would be accurate. I truly was surprised how quickly I met someone that shared a lot in common with me.” 

Greg, 43 y.o., Spain

“The fact that they interviewed each woman made me feel confident with the matching process.  So Natalie and I met on Saturday June 1 over coffee, and then a walk around  Deribasovskaya Street. We enjoyed very easy conversation, on many issues, and I discovered we had a lot of common! She is a very interesting person and I found her to be very easy to discuss a variety of topics with. We have agreed to get together again. Until a year ago I did not realise how important it is to find the right person to compliment your life.  I am the happiest I have ever been and cannot imagine life without my fiancée! Thanks UA Choice team.”

Glan and Olga

Glan and Olga, Minnesota

“Hi, Aleksandra! We want to thank you for enabling us to meet. Earlier this year I met my fiancee on your site and we are both so happy and impressed with the quality of service that you offer and the fact that we really were so well matched, it was amazing, like a dream come true to meet our perfect partners, something we both felt sceptical about doing through any site, but it actually happened by using yours and we are so so grateful to you for giving us such a fantastic future together and for facilitating us in finding true love. In August this year, we marry. Music and laughter, never far away for us, will be soundtracking what is another exciting chapter in our lives. And none of this would have happened without a little help from our favourite UA choice agency.”

Vincent, 34 y.o., Australia

“Initially I was hesitant to see a Dating Coach, but within minutes after sitting down with Aleksandra at our first meeting I felt at ease and comfortable discussing love, life and all things “me” with her. Talking to her about my previous relationships allowed me to explore my character and personality to see what I could be doing differently to attract the right kind of man. Her suggestions on subtle attitude changes were real eye-openers – even if they sounded trivial at the time.

I feel that through her coaching I have made great progress in how I see myself, what image I project to others and how I can change my own thoughts and behaviours for my own good. Talking to her has helped me focus on envisaging what exactly I want, and how to go about getting this. More importantly it’s made me realise how to be happy and content within myself. And I am just that”

Marina and William

Marina, 34 y.o. Odessa

“I never would have met a man like William, if Aleksandra hadn’t found him for me! We are different in many ways, and yet after a three-year courtship, we exchanged wedding vows last fall and are so happily married Thank goodness we joined with the elite matchmaking team.”

Margarita, 40 y.o., Kiev

“Things between Allan and I are going wonderfully. When UA Choice first shared his information with me, I thought that maybe he and I might not been a match, but after speaking to the amazing Lifemates representatives I agreed to give it a try and I am so thankful that I did. We met several times – as friends. We did not base our meetings on simple attraction and we really developed a true love for each other. He is calm, patient and loving. We are totally in sync with one another and we have fallen in love. We see each other every day and have a lot of similarities in interests and hobbies. We are planning a ten day trip after Christmas. This has been a very progressive relationship and exactly what I wanted out of a dating service.”

Felix and Maria

Felix and Maria, Innsbruck

“Hi Aleksandra, I’m well overdue giving you a big thank you for introducing us! After being happily single for almost 10 years I had prepared myself for a long process of nervous meetings, awkward moments & false starts. The first date with UA choice was the complete opposite, though I was still convinced it can’t be this easy. But every day we have been together is more lovely & amazing. Maria really is that special, unique person I was looking for. Exciting time at the moment as today we’ve just taken on a fabulous family home to rent together here in Kiev. Then next week leaving for 6 days in Innsbruck only to start moving in to my new house the day after we return! Thanks so much!”

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Michael and Julia, Odessa

“Dear Aleksandra! I can not tell you how perfect I think Julia is for me. I have not felt this way about the woman in a long time. I don’t want to leave her each evening. She is unlike anyone I have met. And I would like to say Thank you for your help and that you found such special person for me. I will do anything to help with your service. Now I will promote with single men I know here in Odessa and the USA. When they see the soulmate that you found me they will know it is possible. Julia is the type of woman I most likely would never have found even as socially active as I am…she is a good woman and not a party girl. We are making plans for our future as i know she is the woman i will spend my life with”.

Lera & Rick

Lera & Rick, Odessa

“Rick and I were matched on Aug. 25, 2015. Our 1st conversation was on a Sunday morning and we spoke for 2hrs. We decided it was going so well over the phone that we might as well meet for lunch, which lasted 3hrs. Right away I noticed how kind, sincere and what a great listener he was. It was the first time in so long that I met someone who wasn’t more interested in himself than me. We have many common interests. We both love food, the sea, sport and cooking and really enjoy each other’s company. We spend most of our free time together and work around each other’s busy schedules to see each other. . For those who don’t know I will tell, that Rick lives and works here, in Odessa. He is the owner of one of Odessa’ restaurants so it was my lucky chance to meet him in my native city. Thanks to Aleksandra and   UA choice team! We have introduced each other to friends and family and our children which has gone quite smoothly. We are in the process of figuring out what to do for the holidays. I have my fingers crossed on this one! He is an amazing man and we’re looking forward to the future.”

Maria, 31 y.o., Odessa

“James seems to be a very intelligent, serious man. I was a little bit nervous since it was my first referral, but it didn’t take me long to feel completely comfortable with him. It was not instant chemistry, however it sometimes take a few meetings for a relationship to develop. So at the end of the meeting when James asked me if I would accept to go on a second date, I said yes. At the end of our 5th date he suggested to visit his country and of course I said YES. I will forever be grateful for your help. I am happier than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for introducing us together. Thank you for bringing true joy and happiness to me.”


Elena, 48 y.o., Kiev

“I would like to share my happiness with all women who is trying to find that Mr.Right. My name is Elena and I am 48 y.o. When my best friend introduced me to Aleksandra, I couldn’t believe, that I can find my match so soon. It’s not so easy in my age, you know. Also, I didn’t trust to any kind of online dating. Ben was the second, whom I met through the UA Choice. Our date was perfect and he was so romantic, kind, witty so it seemed to me I am in Paradise. We had 5 dates, after I visited his country, met his relatives. For now I am passing my embassy exam and I am going to relocate to Ben as I am really happy and in love. Thanks to Aleksandra and UA Choice team!”

Thomas, 47 y.o., Chicago

“Being a member of UA Choice Matchmaking agency really changed my life for the better. The process was fun and easy, and with Aleksandra’s help I was able to get out of my shell and meet many wonderful women. The date coaching and wardrobe consultation helped me up my game and look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Overall it was a great experience and true confidence booster.

I would without a doubt recommend joining Ua Choice Matchmaking to singles looking to find their match.”


Valeria, 33 y.o., Odessa

“I remember that you were always very prompt to contact me every week with a candidate to whom I could be introduced. I felt confident that your organisation was one with the highest standards of ethics and responsible conduct. Len and I have been in relationship for about since May 2014 and we are very happy. We seem to have a lot of common beliefs and values. This kind of compatibility goes a long way toward making a marriage work. Thank you once again for your good matching skill in identifying a good match for us.”

PhilPhil, 45 y.o., NY

“Like a lot of  people, I was somewhat hesitant to pay someone to set me up on dates when there are so many attractive single women in NY.. But it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to gauge compatibility from talking to someone in a bar or restaurant. With UA choice, not only have I met beautiful women; as importantly, I have enjoyed the company of all six women you have introduced me to. All six have been polite, intelligent, successful and very attractive. Dating is fun again! I am glad that my 7th choice was the last ha-ha)) I adore Masha and she is my sexy little angel. Thanks UA choice.”

Mattew, 36 y.o., Kiev

“After a sad divorce I moved to Kiev 3 years ago – I love it here, so much to do, the people, the scenery – but meeting people on a social level has been hard as I work all day and run courses every evening. After hearing about UA choice I thought I would give it a go to speed up the chances of meeting someone. UA choice offers 3 introductions – but I only got to the first one – we have been together for 3 months now! Sasha (from UA choice) was only interested in introducing me to someone who she thought I would really get on well with – and she did – I wish I had joined sooner!”