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Our team

Our team professionalism and experience are the main ingredients to the formula of creating first-class service in UA Choice matchmaking agency. Here you experience an individual strategy, the absolute consistency of our team and the ability not only to “hear ” and “feel” but also fulfill your vision. From the large amount of specialists we found the ones who prove to be real experts! They will not only guide you on your matchmaking path but will help you to build strong and long-lasting relationships!


Aleksandra Pavlova


Aleksandra left her successful career in Teaching and established International Matchmaking Agency UA Choice, combining her experience in dating-coaching with her passion for helping extraordinary people in finding love. She had the desire to provide the South of Ukraine with its first fully offline, confidential, and customized executive matchmaking Services.

Aleksandra’s primary goals were not only the creation of international couples but providing comprehensive assistance in building and further developing of healthy, long-term relationship between International men and Ukrainian women.

These men and women didn’t have a problem in finding a date, but they didn’t have time, resources or enthusiasm to find “The one.”

Aleksandra is continually improving her personal and professional level by taking part in various International relationship’ conferences & seminars, finding and perfecting innovative techniques and approaches which help to develop all kind of relation between man and woman.

As a dating coach, she gives men and women an intimate look into the hearts and minds of marriage-minded people and what inspires them to fall in love with one particular person.

Also, Aleksandra is a Human design consultant and skillfully uses her knowledge working with her clients.

Alla Kolpachenko


Alla  is one of the best dating & relationship’ consultants in the UA Choice Matchmaking Agency.  In addition she has been working successfully within the matchmaking trade for more than three years. This solid luggage of knowledges and also her personal life experience  makes Alla well equipped to help with any advice our clients need to get.

She helps to realize the best introductions and dates, which forward to the strong and reliable alliances. Alla has the unique ability to not only develop relationship, but to cultivate them into something lasting, real, and meaningful.

When Alla got her Bachelor in Philology  she walked into the Matchmaking Profession full time and now she is the leading consultant of the company. Alla consults clients in relationship’ questions daily and has put some amazing couples together.

Ekaterina Karpusenko


Catherine is not only our staff psychologist, she is also our photo-consultant. She accompanies UA Choice customers on the way to a strong, long-lasting and loving relationship from the ability to present themselves on photos to the communication skills and the search for compromise in interpersonal relationships. She makes a significant contribution to the UA Choice matchmaking agency’s development and creates not only international couples, but ties strong friendship that help new matches to go through life together. Catherine lived in Germany, the Netherlands and Cyprus, and she skillfully uses her experience during work with our European customers.

Olga Feno


Olga started to match people while living in Great Britain with her husband and casually introducing people to each other. A handful of these matches have resulted in marriages and her friendships with many of those couples still exist today. While working with UA Choice, Olga is learning to perfect her intuition and understand what it takes to make a match. Professionally she has developed many successful romantic relationships and her presence in our westerly region is more valuable each day. Olga is open-minded, sociable, and affable well-travelled matchmaker of UA choice Lvov Department who is creative and ingenious in her matchmaking efforts and considerate to both men and women.  Next year Olga will get her Second degree in Tourism and Hotel business management and she has a great wish to start her own touristic business.

Julia Gorodetskaya


Julia started her professional career in Dating 8 years ago. She has 2 years of experience while working with UAchoice.com and now she is working as our leading matchmaker in Kherson city. During that time she helped to find their soul mates to many people from all over the world. She was living and working in USA for some time and it helps her to understand needs of western men. Being easy-going and sociable person, she can easily find out what kind of partners men and women are looking for. While working in our company, Julia developed great skills which help her to match our clients according to their personal criteria, including their family values, professional goals, interests and believes. She has unique approach to her work and as a result, high rate of happy marriages of UAchoice.com