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Our Process: 6 easy steps!

You will feel very comfortable and confident with the process because we take the role of a friend introducing you to someone we know and TRUST who will be COMPATIBLE with you. In the end, meeting someone face-to-face is the only way to see if sparks fly.  It’s that easy, but first read carefully the steps you need to do.



Fill up the Request Form or contact us today via phone +380502055535 or e-mail: info@uachoice.com and one of  our matchmakers will contact you soon so you can set up the preferable time for the interview.

We will provide you with English, German, French , Italian or Spanish interpreter if you need.



We will invite you to our office or let us use Skype for interviewing if you are far away.

We’ll learn what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what’s worked for you in past relationships and – just as importantly – what hasn’t worked. We’ll ask about your relationship goals, personal interests, hobbies and more. And don’t  worry, we’ll make it as easy as possible.


Becoming our data-base member

Sign up a client agreement based on the particular matchmaking package that best fits your needs. After that you can  make the payment in the convenient for you form so we can continue our collaboration. Once you become a Client you will be paired with your own personal matchmaker, who proactively searches for your match.


Selecting matches  

After we have shortlisted a match for you, we will contact you by phone or skype to go through the full details profile, describe her and give you an understanding of why this match is appropriate. We take into consideration all that we know about you for this process, consult with a psychologist and astrologist. Our consultant can only propose candidates for you, but you can make the choice by yourself. Having defined with the match, we will arrange your best date by selecting the date, time and place you wish. If you haven’t chosen anyone among the list of possible matches we suggest you other possible matches.


Face-To-Face meeting  

The only thing you need to do is to show up the selected venue and enjoy the date. We handle every step and can arrange any kind of romantic or active date. If you prefer romantic first date we can suggest you dinner at the seaside, brunch, picniс, evening promenade in carriage or even lesson of incredible romantic Kizomba dances. For those, who like active dates we can arrange sailing, airplane trip, flybord session, segway walk, travelling to different other cities etc. Our managers will book the best table at any restaurant you choose. Our consultants can help you to surprise the lady by her favorite flowers or parfumes if you really want to amaze her. We already know her favourite colour, style, likes and dislikes so we will arrange all details for you both to have the best date ever.



At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to get together again. Following each date, we have to call both matchers for feedback on each other. From your comments and overall impression of the person, we’ll fine tune your next match so that we can be even more precise in the future to get you the perfect match! That’s why the more feedbacks we receive from our clients, the better we get at selecting the next date for them.

Almost 70% of our first dates turn into second dates! At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to get together again. If your match is the best one – we will be happy to stop your search and help our wonderful couple with next, more serious steps. Our team needs the result so we will do our best until you will be satisfied with results of your search.

If you have made your choice and ready to invite a lady to your country it will be a great pleasure for us to help you with all organizations and preparations. Our partners, lawyers, and other experts can help you in any question. We will be happy to organize vacation or date with your soul mate outside Ukraine, or to realize all your extraordinary ideas.


Our Goal is not just introducing You to the next girl. It is about introducing You to the first kiss with the last girl You take! 

To start cooperation please fill in the form below and our manager will contact you for the free private consultation in the convenient for you time and way.