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What is the difference between Traditional Matchmaker and On-line Dating?

How much does it cost?

Why would someone like me choose to hire a matchmaker?

How different are your services from other matchmaking services?

I am very picky, what I am looking for is one out a million

Why do I need to pay to meet someone if I can use free dating applications?

I'm incredibly busy and barely have time for myself

Do you take every person who contacts you as a client?

Where do you find the people who I go on my dates with?

How do you match people?

How should I make a payment for your services?

Can I communicate with the girls I choosed before the first date? (for example: via Skype conference, phone calls, or letters)

Can I get the contact details of the girl I like?

How Will You Protect My Privacy?

I’m not sure I’m making a good impression on dates. Do you provide date coaching or image consulting?

Can you help me to organize a trip to Ukraine?

Can I have a local guide support?

Why are there no public profiles of ladies on your website?

What does using a matchmaker say about me?

Do I need to be a member to use your services?

What is better to rent – apartment or hotel?

Can you help with airport transfer?

I want to rent a car in Odessa, Ukraine. What company can you recommend?

Can you help me with apartment or hotel?

Can you help with translation?

Do you have the offices in other Ukrainian cities?